Vice News VR: Millions March NYC 12.13.14 by Chris Milk and Spike Jonze:

Digital artist and video director Chris Milk, filmmaker and VICE creative director Spike Jonze produced the first-ever virtual reality news broadcast, and bringing a new dimension — literally — to coverage of the recent protests against police killings.

Pedagogy-bent immersive journalism:

Simulating detenee conditions: This project investigates whether immersive journalism can be used to tell the story of detainees being kept for hours in a stress position. We’ve heard or read the term “stress position” many times, but what does that really mean? Using head mounted display technology, we created a virtual body of a detainee in a stress position and asked participants to experience what it might be like to be “in that body” while hearing an interrogation coming through a wall from another room. Although all of our participants were sitting upright, after the experience each reported feeling as if they were hunched in the same position as the virtual detainee.

The future of story-telling: Nonny de la Penna is an immersive journalism pioneer who uses virtual reality to tell nonfiction narratives. Her works, including Use of Force and Project Syria, utilize 3D technology to create full-body, first-person documentary experiences. Witnessing these powerful stories firsthand evokes a personal and emotional reaction that is not as easily harnessed by traditional journalism. Journalism in the Age of Virtual Reality: Nonny de la Pena (Future of StoryTelling 2014)